Posted by: Michelle Knoll | July 16, 2008

Where Have I Been???

Whew! What has happened to me?  Well, I’ll tell ya.  I have had serious writer’s block.  SERIOUS writer’s block.  And I didn’t think it would get this bad, really I didn’t.  But every time I would come to this site, and attempt to write an entry, BAM.  Nothing.  No words, no thoughts, nothing.

So, I’ve had to sit it out for a while.  And I haven’t been happy about it, I’ll tell you that.

But… I’m back! :o)

So there will be more entries this month than there ever has been before.  And hopefully, I can get this blog off the ground.  (Ya think?  Maybe?  Jeepers, I hope so.)

OH! Interesting news:  JELLY TELLY is now on line!

Okay, I can almost hear your thoughts.  Jelly Telly?!? What in the world is a “Jelly Telly”?

Yeah, uh huh.  You’ve not been keeping up, have you?  Well, don’t worry, because most of the world hasn’t heard of Jelly Telly.  At least, not yet.  It’s been a very well-kept secret.

Well, not any more!

Jelly Telly is the new creative venture by Phil Vischer, the man who created VeggieTales, and founded Big Idea.  After many years of working with Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber, Phil Vischer has branched out to launch an Internet TV website to help families and children grow in their Christian faith.  And it’s… PHENOMENAL! You really need to check it out.  Really.  You really do.

Oh, yeah, and by the way, you really need to CHECK IT OUT!

Well, Nonny, you’re thinking to yourself, just how, pray tell, do I check this here website out? 

Simple, my good people, simple.  Just click… right… here–> and you will be transported to a world of wonder!

A world of wonder, you say?  Well, close.  What’s on the site right now is a demo, explaining why Phil Vischer created the site, and what Jelly Telly is all about, and how it’s going to work.  And it is very cool!

So jump on over, and see for yourself the newest, most innovative, and very best thing to hit the Internet!  And tell them A Nonny Mouse sent ya!


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