Posted by: Michelle Knoll | January 17, 2009

So Do You Know About JellyTelly Yet?

There’s this new creation on the Internet, and I found it recently through some friends of mine.  It’s called “JellyTelly” and it’s the newest venture on the ethernet birthed by that media genius, Phil Vischer.  He’s the one that created VeggieTales, remember?  Good ol’ Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber.  Well, the guy has gone from the veggie patch to the deep blue sea, because his new company is called “Jellyfish Labs.”  The reason behind the company name is interesting.  You should read up on his latest stuff on his blog,

JellyTelly is a Christian children’s media network, and a small one at that.  It’s all on the Internet, on its own little website.  But a lot of the videos are also on YouTube and GodTube. 

If you don’t know about JellyTelly yet, then you should! And to get you started, watch this video:

Then, when you’re done with this one, run! don’t walk! to and watch some of the daily programming. You’ll have to sign up to be a member, but it’s FREE and it’s really good stuff.

Come back and comment on it, if you like.  I would LOVE to hear what you think!


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