Posted by: Michelle Knoll | January 26, 2009

Come Sit Down Beside Me, and I’ll Tell You a Tale…

I love a good story.  Oh my word, there is nothing like a good story! Long or short, painful or heartwarming, there is nothing quite like a story well told.  And I have discovered a group that tells some really amazing, awesome stories.

It’s a film-making group called Whitestone Motion Pictures.  They will tell you that they are “filmmakers by trade, but story tellers by nature.”  I like that.  I like it when a filmmaker keeps the story up front, and believes that the story is the most important element.  Not the sound effects, not the visual effects, not the people chosen to play the parts, but the STORY.  That’s impressive.


Whitestone Motion Pictures was founded by a young man named Brandon McCormick.  Brandon had his beginnings many years ago at Crossroads Community Church in Lawrenceville, GA.  After being a member of their media department for some time, Brandon was encouraged to strike out on his own.  And strike out he did.

Everything that Whitestone does is about the passion of storytelling.  Within the pages of their manifesto, Brandon McCormick’s heart for that passion can be seen.  His belief is that there is “great power” to change lives through storytelling.  So the heart of all that Brandon McCormick does, and consequently Whitestone Motion Pictures, is centered around telling a great story.

But what does it take to tell a great story?  According to Brandon, the willingness to risk it all for “the sacrifice of love to something bigger than themselves,” stepping away from mediocrity in order to venture forth “to find that which makes us whole.”  It requires staying true to oneself and to that which has been placed within, and not being mere “mindless consumers.”

So why tell a great story?  Is it merely to garner massive profits from box office ticket sales? Nay, not hardly!  Ask Brandon and the members of  Whitestone, and they’ll tell you there is only one reason to tell a great story:  to pursue “truth and beauty. To understand love and death, forgiveness and hate. To unravel the mysteries of the universe.”

Story telling is a craft, and one that Brandon says the world has, for the most part, lost.  His heart’s desire is for this craft — this art — called “storytelling” to be reclaimed, brought back to life, and honed by craftsmen, so that in the telling of a great story, each person who listens can be inspired to find their own new story.

Whitestone’s most recent film is called “That’s Magic.”  It’s all about a magician who holds his usual show to entertain the crowd, “wow-ing” them…. as usual.  Then, as the show concludes and the auditorium empties, the magician is left alone with his thoughts.  Suddenly a man appears backstage, with his son, to see the magician because his son has ALWAYS wanted to meet this man.  The magician is not too thrilled, however, and tells the man to go away. 

And I could tell you the rest, but that would ruin the story!  Because something wonderful happens to the magician in this short film, as he realizes what “magic” really is.  So watch how the story ends, by clicking on this link:

Brandon McCormick has indeed struck out on his own, telling great stories for the rest of the world to see, hear and experience.  And if Brandon continues on this path of passionate story telling, then it won’t be long before we see his name, and Whitestone’s logo, on the big screen.  As the saying goes, “coming soon to a theater near you!”


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