Posted by: Michelle Knoll | February 2, 2009

Iron Man

It’s time for a movie review!

This one is coming out late, but it’s not too overdue.  The movie is “Iron Man” with Robert Downing, Jr., Jeff Bridges, and Gwyneth Paltrow.  It’s the story of a very wealthy businessman involved in the art of making bombs for the military, the very same thing his father did.

But this story is more than that.  It’s a story of rescue.

Tony Stark has life by the tail.  He’s enjoying himself, he’s “full of himself,” and he apparently has no cares in the world.  So much so, that while riding in a humvee in a war-torn area, Mr. Stark is drinking and making jokes with the soldiers he is accompanying.  Then suddenly, the convoy is attacked, and Mr. Stark finds his world turned upside down.

If you’ve not seen the movie, then I don’t want to spoil it for you.  But consider this as you watch the movie:  not all bad things that happen are totally bad.  If Tony Stark had not found himself in the life-threatening position he was thrust into by the attack on the convoy, his life might not have ever changed for the better.

Tony Stark received what we would call a “rude awakening.”  He was not allowed to choose whether or not he wanted this position of slavery to the enemy; it was chosen for him.  And while trapped in this horrible prison, he was forced to evaluate what was most important in life, and he ended up making the right choice.

I think the most profound statement in the movie was made by the other prisoner that Tony Stark had to work with during his imprisonment.  The other man asked Mr. Stark if he had any family, and after Tony replied, this man looked at him very calmly and said, “So you have everything, and yet you have nothing.”  Those are strong, powerful words with very deep meaning.

What does it profit a man, to gain the whole world, and yet lose his own soul?  Even though there is no mention of God in a religious sense during the entire movie, it is clear that Tony Stark comes to realize that he has been living for all the wrong reasons.  He is therefore given a second chance at life, and a chance to right some of the wrongs that he has been a part of.

I also find it interesting that Tony Stark had been equipped with everything that he needed, to ensure his escape from the horrible prison he was held in.  Throughout his life, he had been “prepared for such a time as this” by learning and growing in the knowledge that he would eventually use to overpower the enemy.

Likewise, the Bible states that God will never leave us nor forsake us, and that He has blessed us with “every spiritual blessing” and He has given to us everything that pertains to life and godliness.  God knows our future, way ahead of when we are given indication of what our future might be like, and He has given to us everything we need for our future, no matter what happens.  We can trust God, that He will always be there, guiding us, and that He has placed within us all that we will need to be successful, when we are guided by His hand.

Anyone reading this post is more than welcome to disagree with me, but I think there are a lot of easy comparisons between this movie and certain scriptures in the Word of God. I won’t list all of the scriptures here. That would take too long.  Suffice it to say, I see Tony Stark as a man who needed saving from himself, much like Zacheaus during Jesus’ time on earth.

But this is what God does, isn’t it?  He rescues us, from our own selves and our own destructions.  His whole plan for mankind is one of rescue.  Sometimes the rescue comes through another person, and sometimes the rescue comes from a sudden awakening within ourselves, and the choice we make to change for the better.

One other thing was said in the movie, that I found interesting.  The other prisoner looks at Tony Stark at one point and says, “You’ve been given a wonderful gift, a second chance at life.  Don’t waste it. Don’t waste it.

Words we all need to hear.



  1. “Don’t waste it.“

    I think that’s my favorite line from the movie.

  2. Yes. That line just about sums up the whole movie. Here is a man who basically has everything, and yet he is wasting his life in so many ways. That’s why I love the movie so much: a life that seems to be so fantastic, is so very empty. Then, the course of that life changes, and he determines that he will not “waste” the second chance been given him. And oh the difference his choices make. Awesome!

    Thanks for reading, and commenting. Blessings!

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