Posted by: Michelle Knoll | February 16, 2009

Announcing the 2009 Gideon Media Arts Conference and Film Festival

It’s time to be thinking about spring!

Even though I really want another good snow before spring gets here. ūüôā

In just a few months, less than four to be exact, it will be time to make a trip to the Lifeway Conference Center in beautiful Ridgecrest, North Carolina, for the Gideon Media Arts Conference and Film Festival.


Last year was my first opportunity to attend¬†this conference, and I was so excited over the opportunity to meet authors and others involved in the media arts.¬† Going as a fledgling writer, I was mostly interested in listening to well-established writers discuss the tools of the trade from a Christian perspective.¬† However, I received so much more that just a list of “how-to’s” for writing.¬† Friendships were forged that I know will last a lifetime, and I was given a vision for God’s heart and what He desires to see accomplished in the world of media.¬†

There were also plenty of opportunities to meet Christians working in Hollywood, New York and other parts of the country, who are serving the Lord in film, radio, TV, music, recording, writing… so many things.¬† It was very encouraging to¬†meet so many people who¬†demonstrate their love for the Lord through their gifts and talents in acting, singing, writing, filmmaking… all of the media world.

According to the Gideon conference website, their mission¬†is “to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through all types of media with an emphasis on radio, theater, church drama, music graphic novels, television and film.¬† Their dream is¬†“to give Christians who are interested in the media arts a place to encourage their talents, a venue to meet, learn, network and get advice from experts in the industry, and the opportunity to develop working and personal relationships that extend long after the Gideon is over.”

And this conference was everything the creators dreamed it would be. 

The faculty members are fantastic! Well-versed in their trade, and so willing to answer questions and discuss things.¬† The films that are shown during the evenings are top notch.¬† The location is fabulous, and so¬†are the facilities,¬†from the lodging to the wonderful meals being served.¬† You couldn’t ask for a better time.¬† Plus, there is plenty of space to sit and fellowship with other attendees, or be by yourself to read a good book or work on any projects you might have brought along.¬†

¬†So I hope you will strongly consider coming to the Gideon Conference this year, from May 31 to June 4, 2009.¬† I guarantee, you won’t be disappointed!

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