Posted by: Michelle Knoll | May 17, 2009

“Star Trek” — A Movie Review

Potential.  Defined by the Free Online Dictionary as “Capable of being but not yet in existence; latent:”  (

We all have it.  Some people feel like they don’t have any potential, but in reality there is great potential in all of us.

But sometimes, things happen to thwart that potential.  Sometimes, life involves pain.

Sometimes… we get cheated out of something very important.  Like physical well being, due to a birth defect.  Or mental well being, due to an accident or a traumatizing event that we can’t avoid.  Or financial well being, due to a world crisis, or a local crisis.

Or emotional well being, from a devastating event that rocked our entire world.

Such is the situation for one young man, whose life has a lot of potential.  However, he can’t see that potential, because all he can see is that his life was changed, altered drastically, before he even had a chance to protect himself from that change.

So there is a little resentment, perhaps?  And possibly a little bitterness?  And maybe some latent anger, seething inside?  The young man, though, hides it all behind an “I don’t care” attitude, that constantly gets him into trouble.

But someone who cares, steps into his life, and says, “You’ve still got potential.  Show the world you know how to use it.  Take the risk to find out just how much potential you’ve got.  Step out into your future.”  And the young man decides he’ll give it a try.  After all, what has he got to lose?

The competition is fierce, and he has to prove to those around him that he really does have potential, and knowledge, and wisdom.  Some don’t want to listen to him.  Some don’t think he’s got “the right stuff.”  Most think he’s nothing more than a rule breaker or a nonconformist.

What he is, however, is one that thinks outside the box.  He looks at things from a different point of view.  Walks to the beat of a totally different set of drums.  Granted, he has to prove himself to the rest of the team, but once he does…

… the freedom that comes, but also the responsibility that comes, transports him from a hick town loser, to a position of prestige and power.

Did he cheat to get there?

Well, let’s just say…he doesn’t believe in “no win scenarios.”  🙂

Who is he?

James Tiberius Kirk, Captain, USS Enterprise.

Watch the movie.


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