Posted by: Michelle Knoll | June 2, 2009

“Night at the Museum, 2: Battle at the Smithsonian” — A Movie Review

First of all, this was one of the corniest movies I’ve seen in a while!

But it was funny… oh my word, this movie was funny!  At times it was the “shake your head in amazement and wonder” type of funny, but it was funny nonetheless.  I haven’t laughed that hard at a movie in quite a while.

There was one pretty serious moment, and one touching moment, in the entire movie. And there were some pretty intense moments throughout.  So it wasn’t bouncing from one joke to another, or from one guffaw to another, but it was very lighthearted, even through the moments just mentioned.

The thing that struck me, and hence what I believe to be the theme underlying it all, was: to be truly happy, live your dream.  Live what you love, not what you believe will make you financially secure, or materially successful.  Things won’t make you happy, but living your passion will make you satisfied.

The main character of the story finds himself caught up in the “trappings” of this world, and thinks he is happy.  However, he soon discovers that his heart really isn’t connected to what he’s doing with his life, and he makes a change to go back to those things that really matter to him.  Life becomes difficult when he makes this decision, but he is once again united with his passion, and he realizes that this is what satisfies him. 

Pretty good, don’t you think?

I do. 

So go spend a night at the museum, and allow God to speak to your heart.  Are you living your passion?  Or are you just following the world?

 Have Fun!



  1. I so want to like Ben Stiller but he so often disappoints — glad to hear a recommendation on this one

  2. Well, I hope you’re not disappointed in Ben Stiller. I could relate to his character in this one, because of the crisis he found himself in. I’ve been in that position, where you realize that what you’re doing really isn’t your passion, and you need to make a change. And making the change is hard, yet once you start doing your passion, it’s all worthwhile. Even if it’s hard, and even if it means you lose some things in the process.

    Hope you enjoy the movie! Thanks for commenting!

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