Posted by: Michelle Knoll | July 13, 2009

HOSFU — “His Only Son For Us”

Recently I’ve been blessed to become acquainted with some neat people in the media world.

And I just have to tell you about one particular person, and one particular group.

Eric Highland is the person, and HOSFU is the group.

The following will give you a glimpse into Eric’s heart:

“I have been utterly humbled to be called by the Master to work on His project. I am guilty. Guilty of so very much, and absolutely not worthy to be called to His work. I confess that I am inadequate and I understand that if this work is to be done, it is to be through a surrendered totality to Him. Therefore, I ask that He remove me and my willfulness and insert Himself. Lord be with me; be with the Project; be with those involved. Give us your wisdom and strength; do through us that which we are incapable to do ourselves. May you receive all the glory. May your Son’s precious name be known throughout the world.” (taken from the history of HOSFU,

All I can say is… WOW.

The history of HOSFU is too much for me to summarize, but it is a GREAT read.  So I direct you to that story here.  Please take the time to read this, and see for yourselves how God masterfully planned each and every step in the creation of this venture.  Clearly, God had a dream, and He put it into play, in the hearts of two humble men.

Now, one of the extensions of this great work, is Christian Movie dot com.  According to their website, the purpose of Christian Movie dot com is “to promote Christ through the film industry.”  Their aim is to “accomplish this by supporting you — the Christian filmmaker — in each phase of creating Christian movies.”  Also, all of their services are offered for free.  They do not charge for promoting others’ work.  According to Eric, this is their gift to the film industry.

The website has great reviews of movies, interviews with Christian actors and actresses, articles on each aspect of the film-making process, and also notification of film festivals, conferences, a list of film ministries, PLUS a blog that you can access through the home page of the site, AND a newsletter, called “Independent Filmmaking in Focus.” 

Great stuff!  

It’s a very cool site, and one that everyone involved in filmmaking should visit.  So take the time to check out  See for yourself how God is moving through the film industry, through faithful Christians like Eric and HOFSU, to share His Light, Love, and Hope to all the world.


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