Posted by: Michelle Knoll | March 3, 2010

The Art of Story

There’s an art to telling a story.

How does one tell a story?  When you’re sitting with people, telling the story verbally to an audience, it’s easy to communicate the tone of the story.  People can read the expressions on your face, they can hear the tone of your voice, and they can see the motions of your hands, or watch your posture as you build the scenes, the action, and share what was said.

But how is that accomplished, when it is all written down? 

That, my friends, is my quest.  To be able to write a story on paper that captures the audience the same way a storyteller captures the audience with his tone of voice, his motions, his volume, and his posture.

To that end, I’ve rejoined a group that I found many years ago, called Faithwriters.  This site offers weekly challenges that really work on many different aspects of writing. You’re given a topic, and you have to write on that topic while keeping your story between 150 and 750 words. 

Maybe to you that sounds easy, but I guarantee you it’s not.  Especially if you add any dialogue to the story!  So each and every week, I sweat over getting my story told, while staying under the word count limit, while also attempting to make it as interesting as if I was sitting right there, telling the story to my audience.

I have learned so much, but I know there is so much more to learn.  So this year, 2010, I will be sharing my writing journey with you all.  And I want to hear from you, too, about your writing journeys.  Is it easy for you to tell a story?  Is it hard?  Does it excite you to create stories for others to read?  Does it scare you?  Please let me hear your thoughts.

And along the way, I will be sharing my thoughts about books that I’ve read, because every good writer is an avid reader.  I used to think that I could write without reading others’ stories.  I intentionally avoided reading, because I didn’t want my writing to sound like another author’s works.  However, I have learned differently.  As I’ve read more books, the “juices” have flowed, and my writing has actually improved.

Likewise, behind every movie and every play, is a good story that someone created and took the time to write down.  So I will also be talking about films and film companies, and filmmakers.

I will also chronicle these topics on the other tabs in this blog.  So if you don’t want to read through the blog posts, you can visit the separate areas and read through quick summaries that I will add from time to time.

Looking forward to the journey, and to you joining me!


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