Posted by: Michelle Knoll | September 4, 2010

Writing to Music… A Second Experiment

Okay, I’m gonna try this, and hope it works!

Not try the writing, because that’s done, but try showing the connection to the music I used for this experiment.

I haven’t upgraded to enough storage space, to upload a song I purchased through iTunes, so I’m gonna place a link here, in the hopes that everyone will be able to listen to the song.

When you click on the link, it should open a new window.  In that window, you should see a page on’s website, with a list of songs.  The song used for this experiment is #17: “Reverie” by Claude Debussy (last song on the page).

Click on the triangle to the left of that song (the triangle plays the song), and a new window will pop up that is the player for Rhapsody’s music.  You may have to allow popups for this to work.  Once the player loads, you can then listen to the song.

If you like the song, then please consider purchasing it from Rhapsody, for only 99 cents.  They have great selections of music, and great prices, and you can get the entire composition, not just an excerpt! (They have no idea I’m advertising for them, I just decided to do that because I like their site so much).

Okay… as you listen to the music, read the following.  As you read it, feel the changes in the music and match those to the changes in what’s happening in the story.  See if I painted a good picture from what I listened to.

Debussy’s “Reverie”

She crests the hilltop, stopping to smile at the warm sun overhead.  It is so pleasant, so peaceful here, she marvels to herself.  A gentle breeze caresses her face, and she smells the scent of wildflowers nearby.  Looking around, she spies the white blossoms, bowing ever so slightly in her direction.  Their movement makes her chuckle, and she curtseys in return.

The warmth of the day is no match for the warmth in her soul, as she continues her trek down the hillside.  Gazing at the great Sea sparkling in the distance, reflecting the clear blue sky, she marvels at how everything seems to sing with life, with the joy of simply being.  It’s almost as if it’s… too real…

Wait… who is that?  She spies a man standing under a tree, down the hillside to her right, looking toward the water.  Something inside her stirs with excitement.  She walks toward him slowly at first, but her heart begins to beat rapidly.  For some reason, she knows this man.  There’s something very familiar about him, and yet… where would they have met before?

Walking on, she slows as he turns to gaze at her.  Freezing, her mouth falls open in disbelief.  No!  It can’t be!  But…. it is!

It’s HIM!!

Overcome with emotion, she doesn’t know what to do.  Should she approach slowly?  Or run to Him?  She bites her lip.  Every approach she considers feels… inadequate.  Tears fill her eyes as hesitancy fills her heart.  Still, she is drawn toward Him, as if by some unseen force.  In a few moments, trembling, she is standing… right… in front of Him.

He reaches out with both hands to greet her, but she steps back, unsure.  But He only smiles softly, and simply says,

“Aren’t you glad to see Me?”

“Oh, YES!!!”

She leaps toward Him and flings her arms around His neck. “It’s You! It’s You! I can’t believe it’s You! Oh, oh… it’s… YOU!  It’s You, it’s You, it’s You…”

He laughs and holds her close.  “Yes, it’s Me.”  He continues holding her as she cries, and gently strokes her hair.

Suddenly, she stops and pulls away from Him.

“What’s the matter?”  He gazes at her, puzzled.

“Oh, well… I guess…” She wipes her eyes quickly.  “I don’t suppose that was proper for me… to fling myself at You.”  Her eyes dart from His face to the ground.  “I’m… sorry…”

“Hey,” He responds softly.  “Why would being overjoyed to see Me be such a problem?”

“I just don’t… want to… act unbecoming… I mean…. You’re the Lord… and all that… you know…”

She wipes her hands on her gown, and stares down at His feet.  They are graced with plain sandals, which at first she thinks curious and then… not.

“Look at Me.”


LOOK… at Me.”

Slowly she raises her eyes to meet His.  Oh, the most wonderful look of Love fills His eyes, and holds her captive, locked in an embrace of hearts, two souls intertwined.  His eyes are pools beyond compare, and she feels as though she is gazing right into eternity.

He reaches out to her, and this time… there is no hesitancy.  She gladly accepts His embrace, allowing Him to wrap His arms around her tightly.  Snuggling closer to His chest, she listens as He speaks to the tumult in her soul.

“There has never been, and never will be, a time when you are not welcome in My presence.  You are most important to Me–”

“But I’m not more important than anyone else.”

“But when we are together, no one else matters.  Understand?”

“Yes, Lord.”

“And you carry My heart with you, wherever you go.  So rest in that.  With Me, you always have a place, your place, that no one can take away.”


He spoke soft and low.  “You won’t forget?”

“No, my Lord.”

“Good.  Now… rest in that.”

She closes her eyes as the sound of His voice echoes through her soul.

“You always have a place… rest in that… you have a place…”

She opens her eyes and blinks more than once.  Sitting up, she sighs and looks around.  Same old bedroom, same old bed.  She glances at the clock:  7:03 AM.  The alarm hasn’t gone off yet.  Breathing in deeply, she closes her eyes, and sees the hillside again, and the Man standing there.

She smiles.  He will always have a place in her heart, and she will always have a place with Him.

Her place.



  1. I really liked this concept – listening to music and reading the story. It was beautiful…

    • Thank you, mohappy! I really appreciate your comment! To me, it’s amazing the way music can help us form pictures and stories. Music is a powerful force, and one of God’s wonderful gifts to mankind. Please come back and visit often!

  2. Such a unique way to appreciate music Michelle, how creative!

    I love the way you have interpreted the song!

    Great job!

    • Thanks, Deb! I am so thrilled that you liked it. You bless me by taking the time to read and listen and also share, with your busy schedule. Thinking of you and Angela and family. Blessings to all.

  3. You already know that I’m a crier and technologically challenged, so I just read the story. Wonderful story! I’d be a wreck with music this late at night, so I’ll get my daughter tomorrow to show me how to access the music and sit with me.

    • It’s okay, Cathy. I’m just glad you visited my blog. When you can read it with the music, please do. I would love to hear what you think! But… have some tissues on hand! I cried when I wrote this piece! 🙂

  4. Oh. Wow.
    Just incredible. Honestly, even tho I’m totally a musical person – the music was just a hassle. If you eventually get a website where the music can play as soon as I get to the post & start reading, well cool. But the MESSAGE you wrote – just – staggeringly, tenderly beautiful. And precious words I needed to hear, to-day, right-now. This was my favorite part, and what really impacted my soul:

    You are most important to Me–”

    “But I’m not more important than anyone else.”

    “But when we are together, no one else matters. Understand?”

    Thank you, Michelle. I am so blessed to be a recipient of the hope & joy your words breath into a day.

    • Wow, Teri, thank you. I have to admit, writing that particular part… I cried even as I wrote it. If there is one message that I believe God’s heart is crying out for all of us to hear… it’s those words: “You are most important to Me.” I don’t think any of us have any idea just how keenly interested God is… in us.

      As for the music, yeah, that’s something I’ve got to work on. It would be wonderful if I could read the story with the music in the background, and post the entire thing as an audio file. Hmmm… need to think about that one!

      But thank you for reading and posting! I really appreciate your comments. 🙂

  5. I had an absolutely beautiful time reading this story – the music transported me and
    I imagined myself as the subject in His embrace. The timing of “Reverie” with the length of the piece seemed just right. Thank you, Michelle!

    • Oh, thank you, Melodie! I’m so blessed that you were transported by the music into the center of the story. How cool is that! That’s the effect I’m hoping for, when I get the inspiration to write something like this. I want others to see just how much God loves them and desires to be in close communion with them.

      “Reverie” has been a favorite of mine for many, many years. But it took on a much deeper meaning when this picture formed in my mind. I doubt I will ever see it any other way again, but… who knows? God may give me yet another story to go with this selection!

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