Posted by: Michelle Knoll | September 8, 2010

Sabotaging Your Own Place

Is it possible to sabotage your place in this world?  To somehow cripple your direction in life?

I believe it is.

Suppose you become hurt over something that was said or done to you.  I’m not talking about a small irritation, but a deep wound, something that sent you reeling.

Some people have very thick skins and can take most everything that is thrown at them: insults, condescension, lies, insinuations, accusations… pranks that get way out of hand, acts of betrayal, outright theft or even abuse of any form.  They get angry for a little while at what was said or done, but then they just toss it off and go on with their lives.

But for the rest of the people in this world, the fiery dart goes way down deep…

…and festers.

And the wound becomes so much larger, and starts to infect the thought life, and the attitude, and the belief system.

Pain… begats so many things.  But one of the most devastating things pain can do is get you off course, and make you turn away from the direction your life is supposed to follow.

Maybe that’s happened to you.  Maybe something was said or done to you, that made you step back from the direction you felt was your life’s calling, that made you hesitate, or made you think you should go a different way.

It happened to me.  I was hurt deeply by the actions and words of a certain person, so I walked away from a major in music.  The pain was just too great for me.  There were other things that compounded the problem — added acid to the wound — but the main source of the injury came through one avenue.

If you believe that you’ve lost your direction by sabotaging your own Place in life, then do not despair.  There’s hope.  God can get you back on track.

You first have to validate your feelings.  Whatever was said or done, hurt you badly.  You can’t deny the wound, and expect the wound to get healed.  The wound is real, with all of its nastiness.

But you also have to realize that you allowed the wound to affect your viewpoint of yourself.  In some way, you agreed with the attack on your person.  You gave it a right to affect you.

Take the pain out of the wound.  Forgive the person (or persons) that hurt you.  And then forgive yourself.  And then, ask God to heal the wound, because that is exactly what He wants to do.

Next, ask God to get you back on track, and believe that He will!  He has the amazing ability to do just that.  Even if it’s been a long time, and you feel that you wandered far off course, He can set your feet back upon the right path, and bring your passions back to life.


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