Posted by: Michelle Knoll | September 17, 2010

Discovering Where My Place is… Not…

Today I had an experience that spoke to me in many different ways.

I was visiting a former place of employment, the name of which shall be excluded from this post.  Simply because… it’s not important.

However, as I walked into this place of employment, a former coworker addressed me rather loudly and coldly: “What are you doing here?  What do you need? Because no one is going to be available to help you for another 10 minutes.”

Right in front of everyone.  Like an announcement.

I was embarrassed.  I was shocked that this person would treat me like…  a child.  As if I needed to be “put in my place.”

I spoke to a few people, and then quietly left.  I wasn’t about to stay.

Would you have stayed?

It took me a long time to calm my emotions back down after that little encounter.  For one thing, I wasn’t doing anything wrong.  I was visiting a place where I used to be welcome.

“Used to be” is the operative phrase, I suppose…

And I know that this person fully believes that the actions displayed were just an attempt to be “businesslike.”  After all, I’m sure if I addressed the issue with this person, the response would be, “it’s just business.”

But it showed me something that I should have seen more clearly before.

Where I am, or the people I’m with, doesn’t give me my “place.”  The thing that I’m doing, doesn’t give me my place.  The expectations of others, or their attitudes toward me, doesn’t indicate my place.

My “place” in God, and my “place” in this world, comes from God alone, and is built on what He has placed deep within me, in my heart of hearts.

And no one can take that place away from me.

Oh, I can give it away.  True.  I can deny it, run from it, ignore it, sap it of its life so that it withers up and almost dies.  I can totally destroy the desires of my heart — I’m talking about the good desires that God placed there, not the evil desires of the flesh. I can allow the actions and the attitudes and the words of others to wound me to the point that I give in to the lie of the devil that I really don’t have a place…. anywhere.


I can believe that the Lord has created me for a purpose, and that He has instilled within me desires that relate to things He intends for me to do in this world.  So I can walk with confidence that my God is for me, and not against me, and He will lead me in His perfect ways, to the things He has called me to do, and that He will put me where He wishes, and His will, will be done.


I choose the latter.



  1. I strongly agree. I think anyone who is a good “emotional survivor” of things that happen has a place inside themselves-a retreat where only the good things are kept. When my kids are troubled by the school of hard knocks, I tell them to go fix up that little place in their soul-organize the good stuff, get rid of the junk thoughts etc. If we put the only the stuff God wants there, it will help define our real place in this world.

    • Good points, Bonnie! We all get assaulted in many ways during our lives, and we have to be able to “guard our hearts.” If a person is not a good “emotional survivor” (I like that terminology!) then he ends up keeping the “junk thoughts” (another good one!). And if he believes those junk thoughts, they can derail him, because the devil loves to use those thoughts as a weapon against us.

      I believe this is why the Bible says “taking every thought captive…” — we must make sure our thoughts, especially about ourselves, line up with what God’s Word say about us.

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