Posted by: Michelle Knoll | May 6, 2011

Motherhood Should Come With…


Motherhood should come with…

… a sixth sense superpower that lets you know what is going on now, and what is about to happen, in every one of your kids’ lives.

… a database full of knowledge from all the great moms in your life: mom, grandmom, aunt, great aunt, favorite schoolteacher, etc.

… a recipe box that automatically knows what your kids will love, so every meal will be accepted with oo’s and ah’s when they see what you’ve fixed! (instead of “tuna casserole… again??”)   🙂

… time to think and reflect and take in all the wonderful happenings that motherhood brings into one’s life

… instructions manuals, yes, superpowers, yes, and time to think to write this five-minute blurb without someone saying, “Hey.. mom?”  LOL!

Even though this is only a five-minute blurb on motherhood, I could write for days on what motherhood should come with, what it means, how much I love it, and how I would do it again, if given the choice.  it is the greatest gift to me, ever given.


Okay, for those of you who might now understand the time stamps, I’ve attempted to write only five minutes, as part of The Gypsy Momma’s “Five Minute Friday.”  It’s easy to do, and the rules are here, in her most recent blog post.

So come join in the fun!  Write for five minutes only, and then stop, and don’t worry about typos or nothin’.  Just have fun.



  1. Fun to read – thank you. And blessings this Mother’s Day – and every day…because really, once you’re a mom, that’s what EVERY DAY is, right??

    • Yes, every day is Mother’s Day once you become a mom. So true!
      And thanks for reading. I’ve been away from this blog for a while, and doing this five-minute post was a fun way to get started again.
      Happy Mother’s Day to you, too!

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