Posted by: Michelle Knoll | May 13, 2011

Deep Breath…

10:58  START

I had to take lots of deep breaths when my older son moved into his college dorm, and we left him there.  Deep breaths to keep from crying my eyes out.  Deep breaths, as I reminded myself, “It’s okay.  He’s going to be okay. Really.  Stop worrying!”

Deep breaths for the next few days, as I adjusted to the silence in the house (our younger son is not near so talkative or boistrous).

Now, 9 months later, I find myself taking deep breaths again!

… as the living room has been filled up with his “stuff” – all the stuff that came out of his dorm room (where did all this come from, anyway?)

… as the house grows louder, from the game playing and the phone calls and the constant talking

… as my schedule has to readjust because he has ideas and thoughts and plans that must be meshed in with what has become our “regular” routine since he moved into the dorm (can so much change so much in such a little time?  it was ONLY 9 months!)

… as my younger son adjusts back to having another person in the house that takes my attention from him (he hasn’t been “king of the hill” but he’s enjoyed having my undivided attention)

Deep breaths.  Whew!  I didn’t realize that the adjustment would be like this!  I LOVE having him here, but wow… the living room!  the kitchen!  the phone!  the TV!  sounds blaring! constant movement!  talking, talking, talking!  🙂

I’ll enjoy it while I have the time, for soon… I know… he won’t be moving back home from college….

Love you, son.

11:03  STOP


This has been another Five-Minute Friday, following the pattern set by The Gypsy Mama.  Come and join in on the fun!  Clink this week’s post here, and write your five minute blog post!  The instructions are included on the post.

Have fun!  And take Deep Breaths!  🙂  Happy Friday!



  1. It’s hard for me to imagine that my boys will one day be doing what yours are doing…but I can imagine, I can imagine! You write of it so well!

    • Oh, they grow up SO fast. I remember my sons being young and small with eyes full of wonder. And now they are taller than me! Still fun to be with. 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate you, Adelle!

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