Posted by: Michelle Knoll | September 13, 2011

Livin’ on the Edge

I watched as the clouds passed by in hurried fashion, the wind not too wild, but unusual nonetheless.

Hurricane Irene was trudging up the coast of North Carolina, and would soon be in Virginia and headed to all points north/northeast.

We were experiencing the inland edge of the storm.  And as I watched the clouds go whooshing across the sky, it made me think: we equate “living on the edge” with taking great risks, but can we look at it another way?

What would “livin’ on the edge” be in terms of the Christian life, if we compared a hurricane to the situations in the world?  It wouldn’t be a life full of risk; no, it would be far different.  Livin’ on the edge would be a place where you might feel some of the turbulence of the world around you, but you certainly wouldn’t feel much.  Livin’ on the edge means you might feel some rain, but then again, you might not.  You might see some dark clouds, and you would know something’s going on somewhere, but you would be so far removed that you would be unaffected.

You’d be living a safe life, which is not what Jesus lived at all.

He stepped into the storms of life, and took command of those storms.  He addressed the raging winds and the crashing waves in the lives of people around him, and he sometimes did it forcefully.  But he always did it with love and compassion toward the hurting, and never judgment.

I don’t want to live “on the edge” as a Christian, opting for safe and secure, when I know people are being swept away by relentless winds of adversity that tear at their souls, or they are drowning in seas of sorrow.  How is God glorified when I stand idly by on the sidelines, and say, “Glad it’s not me in that mess!”

The church has been “evacuated” from the storms of the world for far too long.  We need to move away from the edge and get closer to the storm’s path, so we can rescue those whose lives are being devastated.

What are ways you can quit living on the edge of life, and move in closer to the danger zone?  And what are the things we need to remember to do, as we step into the storms of life?  Would love to hear your thoughts on this.



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