Posted by: Michelle Knoll | November 11, 2011


This one is for The Gypsy Mama, who talked me into taking part in Five Minute Friday, even when I didn’t feel like I didn’t have time. (Thanks, Gypsy Mama!)


I thought this issue had been taken care of, over 12 years ago.

But here, in the most unexpected way, it rears its ugly head again.

And I tense, and my heart aches, for our older son, who can’t believe what his ears have just heard.

“The devil’s a liar!” he whispers into my ear.

“Yes, son..  He is.”  I whisper back as the cardiologist comes into the room.

Today, 10 days after our meeting with the cardiologist, our older son goes in for a cardiac MRI.  And I stand in faith, believing that even thought this has come up, once again, totally unexpected, God will bring us through this situation with my son’s heart, just like He did when our son was four days less 1-year-old, and going in for surgery to repair a hole that was the size of a nickel.

God always knows the unexpected.  And He knows how to handle what we call “unexpected.”

Still, I ask for prayer from everyone I know.

because I know the devices of the enemy.

So even though I’m standing in faith…

I draw my Sword.

“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.”




  1. Wow – powerful. So amazing what five minutes can create – such a moving moment captured. So glad you found the time 🙂

    • Thank you so much for encouraging me to do five minutes. Another friend has told me I need to write the entire story of our son’s journey from two months old. I think now, that we are standing and fighting in faith once again, I will do that. It’s an amazing story of God’s grace.

      What YOU do is amazing, too. Sharing your heart and encouraging others to do the same. Thank you. God bless you, Gypsy Mama. You are a vessel of His glory.

  2. Hello :o) I just posted after you on The Gypsy Mama, for 5 Minute Friday.
    This is a great post. I will say a prayer for your son, and your family. Very nice writing in 5 mins.
    Nice to meet you,

    • Hi Amanda! I’ll go back and read yours now! Nice to meet you, too!

  3. Strong!

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