Posted by: Michelle Knoll | January 3, 2012

A New Year, a New Novel, and Lots More Writing

Okay, in the past 6 hours I’ve read two different articles by two totally different writers who have discussed why blogs are not written, and why blogs are not read.

I get the feeling someone is tapping me on the shoulder, saying, “You know, you really should write something on your blog.”

Does your conscious ever clear its throat, and give you… the look?

Well, mine did.

So I’m writing.  Even if it’s not perfect.  Even if it’s not in standard format.  Even if it’s not planned and diagrammed and full of wit and wisdom.

Because if I don’t write something, this blog is going to dry up and blow away.

I’ve finished my most recent National Novel Writing Month challenge, and ended up with a really good first draft.  Now I have to go back and fill in more description in each of the scenes.  Make it so real the reader will feel he’s sitting right in the middle of the action.

That’s my focus for the next month: build the first draft into a first-rate novel.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.


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