Posted by: Michelle Knoll | May 30, 2012

So… This Just Isn’t Me

I’ve been fighting it for a long time now.  And I just can’t fight it any longer.

I’m not a “box” person. 

Oh, you know what I mean.  Some people can put their entire lives in a box.  They can compartmentalize every little thing in their lives, and they know exactly what goes where.

I, on the other hand, am not that way.

Now, I put things in boxes, yes, I do.  I store all kinds of things, and sometimes way too many things.  And sometimes I have to go back through those boxes and get rid of a bunch of things.  But I’m not talking about things here.  I’m talking about life.

Life for me doesn’t exist in a box.  If my life gets “boxed in,” then I get antsy.

My life is not a box.  It’s a stream.  Ever flowing, ever changing, ever growing and living and breathing.

And yet, what have I done with this blog?  I’ve compartmentalized it, putting movies in one spot, books in another spot, thoughts about writing in yet another spot, all to be organized and neat and tidy.

Well, life is not always neat and tidy.  Life is a stream, full of possibilities.  Clear when the weather is good, muddy when the weather is not so good.

And that’s one of the reasons I’ve not been writing.  Because I want to write about other things besides writing or books or movies, things that are in my life, or things that I want in my life, and they don’t fit into this “box” that I’ve forced upon my life.

So I’m tearing down the walls, and remodeling this blog, and I’m going to write.  Just write.  And let the topics fall where they may.

Because I’m looking for my heart.  And my voice.  And my passion.

And it’s not going to be found in a box.

Stay tuned!  And grab your hard hats!  This just might get messy!



  1. I look forward to hearing about what is in your heart…..share away sister!

    • Thank you, Deborah!

  2. “Just write.” Good plan. Let the rest take care of itself.

    • Yes. Yes, yes, yes. I’ve been neglecting the writing for way too long. It’s good to be back… just writing!

  3. Love this post! Something I’m dealing with, as well. Perhaps we should discuss…?

    • Yes! Let’s do that!

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