Posted by: Michelle Knoll | June 21, 2012

The Word for the Week of June 21

Ya know, I’m thinking of making this a tradition.

So the word for this week is “zenzizenzizenzic.”

Wouldn’t that be a great word for Scrabble?  It would be awesome!  

But I don’t think you could create that word with the letters in your tray and the words already on the board.  So sad.

It sort of sounds like a soda drink, or something with a lot of bubbles, like champagne.  “Oh, when I drink this zenzizenzizenzic, the bubbles tickle my nose!”  Really!

Or, it could describe an ingredient in Alka-Seltzer.

“The zenzizenzizenzic effervescence is what makes you feel better in the morning.”

It has a rhythm to it, too. 

Say the word, two or three times.  “Zenzizenzizenzic.”  Makes you want to dance, right?  Tap dance, perhaps?

“Hey Joey!  Play that Zenzizenzizenzic number again!”

Or, it could be a deeper form of meditation, found in the Buddhist religion.

“If you wish to achieve greater enlightenment, you must progress through self-contemplation until you achieve zenzizenzizenzic consciousness.”  Zen, zen, zen.

“Zen what?” you ask.  “I veel arrrive at Buddha’s house?”

Oh, wait.  I was typing with more of a Russian accent, than a Far Eastern one.  Sorry.  My bad.

You’ll never guess what this word really means.  Unless you look it up, of course.

Are you ready for this?

It means, “a number raised to the eighth power.”


Mathematicians have all the fun!  



  1. That has to be one of the weirdest words I’ve come across. I’m doubly amused by the fact that my name is there, haha.

  2. Hi, Zen! Thanks for reading and commenting. I love your name!

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