Posted by: Michelle Knoll | June 26, 2012

I Wish I Knew Your Name

Um, God?  What’s Your real Name? 

I mean, I call You “God” because that’s what I’ve grown up with.  That’s what we Christians learn as we read our Bibles.  That’s what You are called in church.  But, that’s a generic name.  Any “god” could be, and is, called, “God” by the people who worship that particular god.  You know?

And I know You have lots of other names in the Bible, like, “Lord God” and “God Almighty” and “Lord Jehovah,” and many others.  But these are descriptions of Your attributes. They’re not Your real Name.

I want to know Your “real name,” the Name Adam and Eve used when they talked with You in the cool of the evening in the Garden of Eden.  I’m sure they didn’t address You just by saying “Lord” all the time.  Or did they?

And Moses didn’t know Your real Name.  At least, not at the beginning, right?  Because he asked You, “Okay, the children of Israel are going to want to know who sent me to deliver them from Pharaoh.  So what do I tell them?”  And You said, “I AM that I AM.  Tell them I AM sent you.”  So is that what You want all of us to call You?  “I AM”?  

The Jews knew Your real Name way back when, you know, but they wouldn’t speak it for fear of offending You.  So we have these consonants:


but no one knows exactly how they were pronounced years ago, back way before everything was written down.  Some say “Jehovah” and some say “Yahweh” but how do we really know which one it is for sure?

It is the ultimate mystery, in my thinking.  What is Your Name?  I know I can call You all sorts of things:  The Lord my Righteousness, the Lord my Redeemer, the Lord my Rock, my Fortress, my Deliverer.  God our Salvation, God our Healer.  And on and on.  Very good names, indeed, and ones I remember and hold in my heart because they help me know what You are like.

But they’re still not Your real Name. 

And yes, I call You “Father,” and I believe You are my Father, but still, that’s a role You play in my life.  Right?  I mean, I will always be grateful beyond measure that You allow me to call You Father, but… that’s just not Your real Name.

I feel like Moses in some ways.  “Hey, in the cool of the evening, as the sun is setting, and You and I are talking, what do You want me to call You?”

This… not knowing…. creates such a thirst, such a hunger, within me.  It causes me to seek You, to dig and read and search through the scriptures, to read and research wisdom from others, to run after You in times of prayer.  

And You don’t laugh at my constant curiosity, my constant questioning, my determination to know.  But I can almost feel Your smile, and hear You say:




  1. His name is daddy. He will turn everything over to Jesus and we will walk and play and have a good time..No little kid ever calls daddy by any other name. Jesus said, come–as a little child.
    🙂 My dad has been with his Daddy for 30 earth years. We are going to have a family reunion one day.

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