Posted by: Michelle Knoll | July 11, 2012

Rant #1

Prepare yourself.

There’s a rant coming.

It’s big and fat and fuzzy, with humongous ears and a short, stubby tail, and it’s likely to steal your socks.

But only the left ones.

So get prepared.

Are you ready?  Sure?  Okay.  Here it comes!

WHY… can’t I ever remember the great blog post that I think of writing, the one that I think of while I’m at the grocery store and very far away from my computer?

WHY… is it that I can never construct a great comeback to someone’s comment on a blog or on Facebook when I’m reading it, but I can always create a stupendous reply four hours later, after I’ve mulled it over and over a bazillion times?

WHY… can I never put words to screen in a short amount of time, but instead spend hours crafting a mere 500 words?  A  piddly 500 words.  Jeepers.

WHY… do I always feel less than adequate when considering commenting on political matters or scientific matters or judicial matters or social matters or religious matters or some fantastical combination of all of those, when I’ve studied and read and researched and in all honesty, I DO know what in blue blazes I’m talking about?!?

WHY… do I keep my mouth shut when there’s something that really needs to be said?

WHY… is my silence deeper and longer and more profound with those closest to me?

WHY… would I rather write four pages to a foreign dignitary, someone I will never meet in person, than give an opinion to someone in my own neighborhood?





Rant’s over.

In case you missed it, go back up to the top and read it all over again.

All thoughts appreciated.



  1. No concrete answers Michelle. However, the “rant” describes the human condition pretty well. It’s the bane of many writers to think of the “right” comment hours later. I think it has something to do with processing. The other notion that comes to me is that we speak (perhaps) what needs to be spoken. And sometimes it doesn’t “need” to be said. On the other hand, when it’s truth or there’s a burning need to speak it, and we stay silent, well, I can relate to that one too. That’s the only one where we are probably accountable and have to face the error of timidity. Lately, I’ve been doing some of each of these: staying silent when it seems prudent, and then speaking when it really seems necessary even if uncomfortable, awkward, but spiritually appropriate. Not sure if this makes any sense. Love your posts. Even your rants.

    • Thanks, Janet. True, sometimes things don’t need to be said. There are times when opening my mouth would do more harm than good. And I’m not eager to create harm. So, thankfully, God causes me to think twice before I say some things that cross my thinking.

      But there are times when the reply burns within me to the point I feel like the Lord when He cleared the temple, throwing over the tables and whatnot. Or, at least I THINK that’s what I feel like, LOL! (I really don’t know what that would be like, to clear the temple of people and things. Wow. Thinking about it now, I bet it was pretty scary for everyone there that day.)

      All I can say is, may the thoughts of my heart, and the words of my mouth, be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.

      So I’ll try to speak only when I’m sure He really wants me to. And I’ll just have to let Him take care of the rest, right? Amen, and amen.

      But all those great ideas for posts that appear while I’m busy with something else, that vaporize when I get in front of my computer, can’t He bring those back to my memory? Please? I would really love that! 🙂

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