Posted by: Michelle Knoll | July 18, 2012

What Does Our Government Owe You?

Okay, this is open for response, rebuttal, rebuke, whatever.

In other words, I want to hear from you all out there, readers!  Especially those that live in the United States, because this is about the U.S. government.

What does this government owe you? 

Now, don’t get snippy.  And don’t just laugh this off.  And no character assassinations of any government employee.  Okay?

Seriously.  What does this government truly owe you?

Does it owe you retirement monies?

Does it owe you food?

A place to live?

Or… a car?

   Or… health insurance?

Or… eye glasses?

Job Security?

What really does the government owe you?

Protection from terrorists?  Without?  Within?

What about those that come in to this country illegally?  Does the government owe you something in regards to them?

These are serious questions, people.  So really think about it.

Yeah, yeah, I can just hear some of you.  “Oh, Nonny, you’re really opening up a can of worms here!”

Am I?  Really?

Then tell me why it’s a can of worms.

Okay.  I just pitched you a strike!  Take a swing at it!



  1. Not specifically because it is the US government, but I personally believe that any civilized society has a responsibility to care for the members of its population that cannot (for LEGITIMATE reasons) care for themselves.

    An example: My wife Beth is permanently disabled. While she can do some things in her personal care, there are also things that we need which if we didn’t have her Medicare we could not afford, and while I won’t go into the details, I will say that doing without is simply not an option.

    If I were to find employment that would allow us to cut our ties to these assistance programs, we would happily do so! We would much rather provide for our own needs by our own means.

    As for what else the government owes us? I believe that while the sort of assistance as I described above is reasonable and humane. However, I also understand that there are many who seek to gain money from the government (SSA benefits, food stamps, WIC benefits) who do not honestly qualify. Sadly, many of these people have learned to work the system and SUCCEED in their efforts! This in its turn means that fewer who need help are getting help. There are any number of ideas going around as to what should be done to filter this process out, but sadly, it would be putting a band-aid on a compound fracture.

    Security from terrorists? Yes, I believe that as a nation we should be vigilant, I also believe that as a nation we have learned quite plainly that the increased security we’re attempting to provide since 9/11/2001 is not only necessary, but woefully weak even now. But we do what we can. On our own shores as a priority, but I also have no issue with pursuing threats to their home bases here or abroad.

    Retirement monies? Would be nice, but I don’t practically see that happening in our current financial situation. Food? Goes back to the health care question, if you can provide for yourself you should provide for yourself so that more less fortunate than yourself may be assisted. (But, there’s that band-aid question to be considered as well)

    Illegal immigration? I have no issue with people who want to come to the US legally, in fact that is after all what this country was founded on! However, if you come to this country either under false pretenses (a student visa and don’t leave) or illicitly (smuggled in across boarders illegally, such as by “Coyotes”) I have no issues with investing resources to find and boot them out.

    Now the small advantage I have here is, I don’t know how much Nonny might agree with me or not. But anyone responding to ME should not direct their ire at Nonny, but at me. If this be a can of worms … I’ve got a line and a pole. Lets go fishing!

    • Thanks for the response, Ron. I appreciate your candor. I’m not sure many people will pick up this conversation and run with it. But I’ll wait to see if anyone else comments before I say anything else.

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