Posted by: Michelle Knoll | July 19, 2012

The Word for the Week of July 19

Well, well, well.  The word this week is wonderful.  Wonderfully witty and wildly… wildly… well, drat, I can’t think of another “w” word!

The word for this week is widdershins.

You know, this could be referring to a widow’s legs, as in “the widdershins look a might pale, don’t you think?  She needs to get some sun!”

I can hear some of you groaning.  Okay, I agree.  Bad pun.

Well, if it’s not that, it could mean something that has to do with window sills and frames:

“I think we need to paint those widdershins!  They look terrible!”

No?  Don’t like that explanation either?  Hmm.

Perhaps this could be some slang way to discuss winter weather!  Yeah, maybe that’s it!

“This constant snow and these freezing temperatures sure give me the widdershins!”

Doesn’t winter weather sometimes give you the widdershins?


Jeepers.  This is a tough crowd today.

Okay, I think I’d better reveal this word’s true meaning.

Widdershins, dear readers, means “counter-clockwise.  In the contrary direction.”

So the next time you’re out driving with someone, and they head in the opposite direction from where they’re supposed to be headed, you can say, “Hey! Stop!  You’re going widdershins!”  🙂


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