Posted by: Michelle Knoll | July 20, 2012


I haven’t participated in Five Minute Friday in a long time.

But I’m doing this today in honor of five victims.

Enough. Is. Enough.

Why would someone be targeted for a bombing simply because of their race?  Or their nationality?  It’s SO wrong.  It’s more than wrong.  It’s a heinous crime.

Every time it happens, I find myself fighting hard to squelch furious rage, and the desire to rip heads from shoulders, eyes from sockets, limbs from bodies.  Yes, I know, pretty strong emotions, and yes, pretty scary thoughts that I could do something so hateful.  I’m supposed to be Christian, right?  Yes, I am Christian.  And yes, I am compassionate.

But this has got to stop.

No one in this world deserves to be targeted.  No one, no matter who they are, deserves to be hunted down like animals and killed in such a cowardly fashion, like a terrorist bombing.  No one.

It’s time for the world, the entire world, to stand up and say, “ENOUGH!”  It’s time for the entire world to rid the entire world of this evil called terrorism.

And then, after dealing with the pain and fury and broken-heartedness I feel over the Israelis killed by a terrorist’s bomb, I find this morning that 12 people in Colorado were killed by a mad gunman at a theater.

This is too much.



Okay, that’s my five minutes for Five Minute Friday, on the topic of “Enough.”

Now  I will go back into prayer.

Lord, bless the families and friends that are mourning in Israel, and bless the families and friends that are mourning in America.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen, and Amen.



  1. Enough IS enough. The world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket. It is. Jesus said it would happen like this. It makes us long for Heaven home all the more. Praise Him that your heart feels so deeply. It’s when we become numb to it all, when it doesn’t phase us anymore that we need to repent. Good words this morning. Praying with you.

    • Thanks, Donna. I appreciate you. You’re right. We can’t become numb to this! We must speak out, stand up for what’s right, and keep on fighting for everyone to live in peace.

  2. I too was touched by the shooting news I awoke to this morning. It not only saddens us and raises difficult emotions, but it diminishes us- not societies or cultures, but us- the human race. I too am praying today for all those grieving hearts that will never be the same. N- came over from 5-minute Fridays

    • Yes, Nancy, it DOES diminish us as a human race. God created us to be so much more, so much better than this.
      There is a news article from Israel about the 4-month-old baby of one of the victims of the terrorist bombing. She will never know her father, all because someone doesn’t like the Jews. Her life will never be the same. And how many children lost their parents in Colorado, and their lives will never be the same?
      I’m praying, too. May God help us all.

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