Posted by: Michelle Knoll | October 8, 2012

Thirty-One Days of Hearing His Voice {Day 7} – Missing It

Today was day 7 of this adventure of writing for thirty-one days.

And it’s been such a busy day that I didn’t even get this posted on the correct day.

Sunday is the Christian day of worship.  It should be a day when we hear God’s voice most clearly.  But most of the time for this family, it’s a very busy day.  Not much “quietness” around here.  Which is one of the reasons I’m so fascinated by the whole idea of the Jewish Sabbath (which the Jews call “Shabbat,” pronounced “shah-baht).  The Sabbath is a day of rest, where nothing – nothing – is supposed to be done.  All is to be quiet.  For 24 hours.

You know, I could really get into 24 hours of quiet!  🙂

So, on the day of worship, I find myself so busy that I can’t quiet my soul long enough to really hear God speak.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  He did speak.  I just put it off.

We got home from church and made sandwiches for lunch.  A nice quiet lunch of simple sandwiches (aren’t the simple things usually the best?).  And feeling satisfied, I sat down to watch a little TV with our younger son, while husband napped in the recliner.  I also played a little solitaire on the computer.

But all the while, I sensed the Lord speaking: Go upstairs and pray.

Did I move?  No.  I did the stupidest thing: “Just one more minute, Lord, and then I’ll go upstairs and pray.”

No, go upstairs now and pray.

“Okay, in just one more minute.”

And so it went.

Thirty minutes later, I was still watching TV and playing solitaire.

What sort of blessing did I miss out on, because I didn’t respond immediately to God’s call?  What sort of secrets was He going to share with me, that I might never know?  What sort of insight did I miss?  An opportunity to see part of the future?  What was He going to tell me?

I might never know.

I missed my opportunity.  And though God is loving and forgiving, the opportunity for this particular meeting with Him is lost forever.

I’m being honest here in telling you what happened today, er… yesterday (look at the time stamp for this post).  But I’m not happy about it, not proud about it, not feeling good about it at all.

The reality is this:  we’re important in God’s grand story.  But if we’re going to play our roles in His story correctly, we’ve got to respond quickly when He calls.  We’ve got to stop ignoring Him when He wants to speak to us.  We’ve got to stop missing it.

May I never do this again.


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