Posted by: Michelle Knoll | October 12, 2012

Thirty-One Days of Hearing His Voice {Day 12} – Through a Visit to the Doctor

I’ve been meaning to start exercising again.  Meaning to. Yeah, right.  And I’ve done a little bit, but not enough.  There’s always been so many other things to do that were so important, you know?

It’s not easy for me to admit that I’ve allowed myself to become overweight.  But I have.  And it’s gotten to the serious stage.

I went to the doc about a place on my leg that we thought was a bug bite, tick bite, or even spider bite that had gotten infected.  I was put on antibiotics, but after a week the bite area didn’t look any better.  So I went back to the doc to have it taken care of (which means “lanced” to get the infection out).

It was not a fun experience.

Well, the doc that lanced it is not my regular doc, so she doesn’t know my health history at all.  As she looked at the place on my leg, she asked, “Are you diabetic?”  I said “no” of course, because I’m not.  But after the doc asked me that, I immediately thought about my weight.  Funny thing is, the doctor wasn’t even talking to me about my weight and never mentioned it.

But I heard the voice of the Lord in my spirit loud and clear.

“You’ve got to get the weight off, or you will end up in serious shape.”

Once I was out of the doctor’s office, I began to cry.  The place on my leg was an abscess, caused by bacteria getting into a small cut in the skin.  This sort of thing can happen to anyone, but I was mortified.  And even though the doc didn’t say anything to me about my weight, the whole situation brought home the fact that I’ve let myself go.  I’ve not been eating right, and I’ve not been exercising.  I’ve just not taken good care of myself.

Conviction hit like a ton of bricks, and I sat in the car and cried and cried.  How can I say that I love God and totally ignore this body He’s given me?  How can I say I love God and not take better care of myself?  How can I share God’s Love with others, when I don’t love myself enough to do what’s right in terms of food and exercise?

It was a life changing moment, and I’m determined to make the necessary changes, and get myself in shape.  And may God forgive me for all the years wasted.

And here’s another thing:  I’ve realized in the last couple of days just how much I judge and look down on people who are overweight.  It’s been a real eye opener.  So I’m repairing my attitude toward others as well.  Well, let me say that correctly: I’m asking God to change my heart in that regard.  Because I know I can’t overcome any sort of wrong attitude without the Lord’s help.  And may God forgive me for my wrong attitudes toward others.


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