Posted by: Michelle Knoll | October 13, 2012

Thirty-One Days of Hearing His Voice {Day 13} – Through Others

It’s amazing to me how clearly God can speak through other people.  I mean, there are times I think I’d have to be deaf not to hear Him!  He speaks SO loudly, and most of the time it’s coming through people I’ve never met, and probably never will.

Take the pastor on Facebook who posts things like, “Ever feel like givin’ up? Well don’t.”  I read that one a couple of days ago when I really didn’t know what to use for that day’s blog post, and I really felt like not doing it.  Did his post speak to me?  Yep.  Was it God?  You bet!  And after reading his post, I wrote my blog for that day.

Or how about the blogger that writes the following: “Be encouraged, writers. You are not alone in your exhausted, stolen, writing moments.   Write on.”  And I hear the voice of God deep down in my soul, saying, “You can do this.  Don’t give up.  Keep going.  You can do this!”

See, I’ve never met these two people and most likely never will, while on this earth, but God still used them to encourage me at a point when I really needed it.  He does things like that, you know?

Or how about the friend that emails out of the blue, that I haven’t heard from in ages, who says, “I need to remember that I move forward by God’s favor and in His timing, not mine and not by my effort even though I do need to work hard.”  And suddenly the frustrations I’ve had over a certain situation melt away, and peace moves in to take their place, as God speaks and says, “Your gifts will make room for you, in My timing.  You plan your steps, but I order your life.”

Yes, Lord.  I get it.

She’s a friend, a good friend, and yet, we’ve never met in person.  Don’t know if we will on this earth.  But in the email that she sent just recently, there was more than just the one comment above that spoke to me in a deep way.

God is speaking through people all the time, and they don’t even know it!  It kinda boggles the mind, you know?  People have no idea that the words they are speaking forth, which have meaning to whatever they are addressing, can also have meaning to another person’s life.  Total strangers can say things, and yet through those words I hear the Voice of God very clearly.  Friends can say things, and even though they’re talking about something else, I still hear God address something in my life, through their words.

This is the way God works.  He uses every opportunity to speak to our hearts.  He is so intent on getting His message to us, that He’ll use anything and everything.  Why, in the Old Testament, He even spoke through a donkey!  (And no, I haven’t heard any donkeys talking yet, but when I do, I’ll let you know!)

All we need to do is listen for His Voice.

So, are you listening?  The Lord says if we seek Him, we will find Him.  Well, the next time you’re in conversation with someone, or you’re reading your news feed in Facebook, or someone sends you an email, listen for the Lord’s gentle nudging on the inside.  Take a look and see if God doesn’t drop a golden nugget right in front of you, by speaking through someone else.


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