Posted by: Michelle Knoll | October 15, 2012

Thirty-One Days of Hearing His Voice {Day 15} – A Conversation

They stood apart, the silence between them hung like a thick fog.  He waited until the right moment to speak.

“Wanna talk about this?”


“You really need to –”

“I SAID I don’t wanna talk about it!”  She crossed her arms and glared at him, then quickly turned away.

He shrugged his shoulders. “Okay, but you know it’s eating on you.”

The crock pot of emotion in her soul suddenly became a pressure cooker.

“I can’t believe she said that to me! I can’t BELIEVE it! Who does she think she is, anyway?”

He took a cautious step forward.  “Well, she is your friend. Right?”

“Hmph! My friend?!?”  She wheeled around and glared at him again.  “How could she be my friend after what she’s done?”  Shrieking, she added, “And then, she lied to me!”

“Now, hold on.  Can you say that for sure?” His steady gaze reminded her she needed to keep her comments, and her emotions, in check.

“Well…”  She slumped against the wall, and stared at the floor.  Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Him take another small step toward her, then another, and another.  Before she made the decision to walk away, He was there, by her side.  She sensed the love in His heart, and the warmth of that love began to melt the icy shroud of anger around her own soul.

He gazed down at her. “Are you sure you don’t wanna talk about this?”

The melting ice in her soul made its way to her eyes, and tears began to flow. “My Lord –” she whimpered.

He reached out and pulled her toward him. “I know,” He whispered, as He wrapped His strong arms around her.

Hot tears rolled down her cheeks, as she buried her face in his chest. “Why,” she mourned, “did she get so angry at me?  Why?  I was only trying to help!”  Sobs shook her shoulders, and He wrapped His arms around her tighter.

“Well,” he mused, “she didn’t want your help.” He frowned at the thought. “She didn’t want anyone’s help.”

Pushing back to face Him, she cried, “And so now I have to pay for her stubbornness?” She winced. “It’s not fair, Lord. It’s just not fair.”  Slumping into His embrace, she wept.

The painful look on her face gripped His heart.  He held her close and waited, allowing the warmth of His embrace to work its power.   Soon, the sobs dwindled into sniffles, which slowly faded into pensive silence.  When He sensed the time was right, He offered wisdom.

“Some people… some people just want to rant and rave when they’re upset. Even when they are really distraught, and really do need help, they just don’t want it. I know that from My own experience.” He smiled down at her. “You know?”

“Oh, right.” Her cheeks flushed.  He’s talking about me, now.

His smile broadened. “I know what you’re thinking.”

Her eyes met the twinkle in His own, but she was still not at peace.

She whined, “But now what do I do? I reached out to her after she got angry with me, but she wouldn’t respond. Then, when I tried to confront her about this, she got nasty with me.” She searched His face for answers. “How do I fix this?”

“Hmm. Well, you’ve already apologized.”

“Yes, Lord. You know I have!” She closed her eyes and sighed. “A thousand times over,” she mumbled.

“And you’ve tried everything you can try, to reach out and make amends.”

“Yes, my Lord. She’s just not letting go of this.”

“Well, then, there’s only one thing left to do.”


You have to let it go.”

Was He serious? “That’s really not what I wanted to hear.”

He chuckled.  “I know.  But you have to. The outcome of this is not in your hands now.”


He held up His hand to stop her protest.  “Look. You stepped in and tried to help, when she didn’t ask for your help. You made her angry by trying to be her hero, when she didn’t want a hero. She just wanted to be upset, and deal with everything on her own, whether her methods worked or not.”

“True.” She wiped the last tear from her face, and listened.

He stepped back and placed His hands on her shoulders. With the voice of a father, He continued.

“You’re not responsible for her reaction to what you did.  You’re not responsible for her emotions in this, or what she does after this.  You’ve apologized.  Now she has to make a choice. And you can’t govern that choice.  So,” he paused for effect, “learn from this mistake and gain wisdom from the experience.  AND…”

He motioned as is to tell her a secret, and she stepped forward slightly. He leaned His face close to hers and smiled.

“…let ME be the hero.”


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