Posted by: Michelle Knoll | October 16, 2012

Thirty-One Days of Hearing His Voice {day 16} – When Hearing is Hard

There are days when I don’t hear God’s voice very well at all.  Ever had days like that?  Ever had days when the sky seemed to be a hard ceiling, and no communication was getting through?  It’s easy to get frustrated when it gets like that.

I’ll admit, there’s been times when I’ve not been able to hear God’s voice clearly, and it’s because I was involved in sin.  Or I’ve been angry, and I’ve not wanted to hear God’s voice at all.  At times like those, He doesn’t (usually) push past my anger to be heard.  God is a gentleman.  Always has been.  He doesn’t put up with my tantrums, either, so He’s pretty silent if I’m having one of those.   But there are other times when I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, as much as I know I possibly can, and my heart attitude’s right, and I’m a happy camper, yet I still can’t hear Him very well at all.

It’s at those times, that I start hunting.

First, I look at myself, and ask if I’m somehow displeasing Him.  Even though I think I’m doing well, I still examine myself pretty thoroughly.  I search my heart as best I can, and then cry out to Him to show me what I’m missing (because I’m not perfect and can’t always see myself in true light).  I know if I come to Him with humility, and there’s something going on that He’s displeased with, He’ll let me know.

But if nothing comes up that needs to be dealt with, I start hunting for God.

Have you ever done that?  Have you ever gone hunting for God?

Some would ask, “Why?  Why should you have to go looking for God?  He’s all around.  You just need to have faith that He’s there, and go on with the day.”  Well, yes, God is omnipresent, but there have been times when I have not been able to sense His Presence as strongly as I normally do.  And I don’t want Him to be “all around.”  I want Him to be right with me.  Just like He was with Moses, you know?

So I go looking for Him.  Because my fellowship with Him is sweet, and I don’t want to be without Him.  Life’s too short.

And how do I hunt for Him?  I clear out some time in my day, tell my family not to disturb me, get alone, put on some music, and grab my Bible and journal.  Oh, and a box of tissues, just in case I need them.  And then?  I wait.

I focus on God, and wait.  And for those of us in a modern Western society, being still and waiting can be the hardest thing to do.  We are so accustomed to a “fast food” lifestyle, where everything has to happen like a drive through: instant service, instant food, instant gratification.  Well, we don’t always get “instant” results when we hunt for God.  Seeking a pearl of great price takes time, so finding a pearl of great price won’t happen on a fast food schedule.  And I consider God’s Presence to be a pearl of great price, don’t you?

I encourage you to try this.  Set aside some time for you and the Lord this week, and make sure everyone knows you want to be alone.  Take into this time whatever “tools” you think you need (I also grab some water to drink).  But make sure your Bible is one of those tools.  Get your mind focused on the Lord, and get very quiet before Him.  Then ask Him to speak to you.  Ask Him if He has anything He wants to talk to you about.  And make sure you have paper to write on, so you can write down anything you sense in your spirit that you believe He is telling you.  Don’t cut the time short, but allow yourself to linger in His Presence.  And if you like, comment below on how it went.

Happy Hunting!  🙂


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