Posted by: Michelle Knoll | October 21, 2012

Thirty-One Days of Hearing His Voice {Day 20} – Through Nature

I’m going to take a break from the topic we were discussing yesterday, because today we took an amazing trip to a wonderful place:  Reddish Knob.

Reddish Knob is one of the highest peaks I’ve ever seen in Virginia.  It sits very, very close to the state line we share with West Virginia.  We arrived today right before sunset, and the view was beautiful.  I’ve haven’t had time to upload my pictures, but I’ll edit this tomorrow so you can see what it looked like.

The wind was brisk, and I couldn’t stand outside the car for very long, but the view was so wonderful!  You can see all around for miles!  And since it’s fall, the color was rich and so beautiful.

It all made me think, the earth really does speak forth the handiwork of God, you know?  His artwork is everywhere!  And it can be seen in all seasons, too.

And He does it just for us.

So as this day closes, think about how God shows His love for us through the beauty of nature.  Good night!


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