Posted by: Michelle Knoll | October 26, 2012

Thirty-One Days of Hearing His Voice {Day 26} – Fabulous Fall, Friday, and Fun

Today I will step away from the “parting of seas” because I really don’t want to talk about something heavy today.  It’s Friday!  And Fridays are meant for fun.

It’s Friday, it’s fall, it’s fun, it’s a day of color, it’s a day when making a pot of chili sounds really good, and it’s a day of thinking about good things.

Isn’t that just a gorgeous tree?  The picture really doesn’t do it justice.  But I love it.  SO beautiful.  So fun.  That’s what I love about the fall season.  Such beauty, such color, such a show of life before winter comes.

I just have to brag on God for a minute.  He does such awesome work!  He’s so creative!  He’s quite the designer, don’t you think?  I do.  He’s just too cool!

God speaks to me through the beauty of His creation. I know I’ve said it before, but He does, and I just can’t get over it.  Everything I see reminds me of His Love for me.  The rolling hills, the rocky crags in the mountains, the color of trees and bushes and flowers, the gurgling of streams, the sapphire sky, the radiant sunset, the squawk of the Canadian geese as they fly over in a perfect “v,” the crickets and tree frogs at night, the smell of bacon frying in a campfire skillet, the lapping of water against the fishing boat, the splash of the mullet swimming through the channel.  It all says, “I love you!  Do you know how much I love you?  I love you… THIS much!”

And He made this world we live in to be a world in which we would have fun.  Granted, there are people who would rather mess up the world than just enjoy it.  But we’re supposed to enjoy living here.  We’re supposed to be having fun.

I mean, what sort of God would God be, if He created life only for the sake of us enduring hardship?  That wouldn’t be very nice, now would it?

Imagine God sitting on His throne, saying, “Okay, I’m going to create human beings.”  And Gabriel looks over at Him, and says, “Beg pardon?  You’re going to create what?”

“Human beings.”

“What are those?”

“Well, they’ll be like Me, only they’ll have bodies that are made of flesh.”

“Flesh?  What’s ‘flesh’?”

“It’s made of earth.”

“What’s ‘earth’?”

“Oh, it’s what I’m going to make when I create the world these humans are going to live in.”

“Oh.”  Gabriel watches God as He sits on His throne and thinks.

Finally, God realizes Gabriel is waiting for more.  So God continues.  “See, I’m going to create this world.  And it’s going to be full of all sorts of neat things!  Like otters, and lions, and macaws, and ostriches!”  God chuckles.  “And even giraffes with really long necks, so long they can eat the leaves off the tops of trees!”  God closes His eyes and smiles.

A few moments pass, and then, “Um, Sir?”  Gabriel is cautious to interrupt God’s thoughts.

God opens His eyes abruptly.  “Oh, yes, Gabriel!  What is it?”

“Um… what’s a tree?”

And Heaven explodes with God’s laughter.

“See, Gabriel, I’m going to create a world filled with beautiful things, like trees that change color in the fall.  And snowflakes, and mountains, and rivers.  And even mighty crashing waterfalls.  And gardens of trees that have fruit for the humans to eat.  And I’m going to put the humans in this world so they’ll know what true joy really is.  And I’m going to visit them in this garden and we’re going to have lots of laughs together.  It’s going to be awesome!”

“Right.”  Gabriel doesn’t really understand, but he smiles at God anyway.  And God smiles back.

“Just wait, Gabriel.  You’ll see.  It’s going to be fantastic!”

The joy, the hope, the infinite possibilities that God saw as He pondered the making of Earth.  And in His pondering, He made sure to include how seasons would happen, and how trees would change color in the fall.  And I believe He did all these wonderful things, so we could enjoy ourselves, and have a little fun.  But above all, I believe He did all these neat things so we would be reminded of how much He loves us.

So the next time you grumble about having to blow the leaves in your yard (or rake them!), take time to think about how God took the time to make those leaves just for you to enjoy.  Pile them up in a heap in your yard, and enjoy them!

Happy Friday!  It’s fall!  Have fun!



  1. I totally agree, Michelle! God is the ultimate painter! He does love us and it is apparent in all that surrounds us, If only we take the time to stop and smell the roses! Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed it immensely!

    • Thanks, Deborah! Yes, if only we would take time. I’m trying to learn to slow down and take time. Help me do that, Lord, please.

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