Posted by: Michelle Knoll | October 29, 2012

Thirty-One Days of Hearing His Voice {Day 29} – When Someone is in Need of Prayer

It’s almost strange how this happens to me.

I don’t try to live in my head, I really don’t.  But I’ll be busy with life, doing something with one of our sons, or I’ll be cooking, or shopping, or in the middle of writing a blog post, or working on a novel, or doing just anything, and all of a sudden, someone’s name or face will wander through my mind.

And there’s this knowing.  You know?  A knowing that I need to pray.

If I try to put off praying for this person, whoever it may be, then the nudging comes back stronger.   And if the situation is really serious, then the nudging becomes a very strong sensing in my spirit:  something is wrong.

Sometimes, it’s someone I don’t know personally.  Consequently, I can’t connect with that person to say, “Hey!  Everything okay?”  Those are the tough ones.  I have to pray and believe that God is leading me into what He wants me to pray for this person.  Have you ever prayed for someone you didn’t know before?  I’m not talking about general prayers for leaders and such.  I’m talking about praying specifically for one person that God places on your heart.  Well, for me, it’s a real step of faith to start praying for someone I don’t really know, and believe I’m praying for the right things.  I also have to be careful not to allow worry to cloud my thinking.  Or imaginations.

Other times, it’s someone who I know, but I haven’t talked to this person in a while, or I’ve talked to her but she’s not told me about anything that needs prayer.  Still, the urge to pray arises within me, and it won’t let me go.  So, I try to discern what could be the problem or the situation that needs covering, and I pray.

For each person, I pray for as many days as the urging remains.  Sometimes, it’s only one or two days.  Sometimes, the nudge to pray will last for months.  Sometimes, the burden to pray will be so heavy that it will cause a great deal of unrest in my soul.  Sometimes, it even affects my dreams.

To me, this is one of the most important ways that the Lord speaks to me.  We talk about all sorts of things, but these nudges to remember other people speak to me of His Heart.

And some of the people He asks me to pray for, well, I think you would be surprised.  And what He asks me to pray for is not what you’d expect either, for some of these people.  There’s never been an urging to pray judgement on anyone.  Not ever, never.  I’ve never sensed He wanted me to “call down fire from Heaven” on anyone.  In other words, He never comes to me with anger.  If the prayer is for someone who is out of His will, or someone who is not a Christian, the only emotion I sense is that of love and perhaps a broken heart.  And also an urgency that the person I’m praying for needs to understand who Jesus really is.

It’s a fascinating thing, to enter into prayer over others.  Sometimes, I feel like I’m being taken behind enemy lines in the spirit realm.  I sense things that are going on.  I “see” things.  Some of these things aren’t too pleasant.  Some of these things are very heavy.  Some of these things make me very sad.  And I see only a tiny piece of what God sees all the time.  So I can’t imagine the pain He must feel, the sadness He must experience, as He watches everyone’s life.

Do you pray for others?  Have you experienced this type of nudging that I’ve talked about here?  Do you pray for people you don’t know, have never met, and probably never will? If you have, I would love to hear your stories.

Pray for the people in the path of Hurricane Sandy.  They need your prayers tonight.


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