Posted by: Michelle Knoll | February 7, 2016

Commercials Can’t Save the Game

I decided to attend the local Super Bowl party tonight, to visit with friends and enjoy some great food. And hopefully enjoy the game.

I left after the first quarter.

The commercials were good, in a way, I guess.  Some were way out there, you know,  where the buses don’t run. One person sitting near me was staring at the screen during one commercial and actually groaned with wide eyes and dropped jaw, “Please tell me I’m not seeing this.” Some were truly funny.  But they were lost in the mess of the others.

The National Anthem was great.  I just want to know who did her hair.  🙂

But the game? Seriously? It wasn’t a game. And it’s not that it was boring. But the face mask incident was it for me. I wasn’t going to participate another second watching that sort of foul play.

We Americans put up with stuff like that, and I honestly don’t know why. Does anyone call that football? I have to be honest, I don’t keep up with professional football teams these days (even though I did find out that my favorite team, the Rams, is moving back to California). On the other hand, some months back I watched video clips of another player who was notorious for grabbing the foot of an opposing player and twisting it with the intent of injuring the player. Nasty.

So we watch the commercials and laugh at the ones that we think are funny, and then what do we do for the rest of the time?  Put up with mediocre playing and flags for things that shouldn’t be happening, like the face mask incident.

Glad I came home. Gave me time to write. 🙂




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