Posted by: Michelle Knoll | June 20, 2016

Chapter’s Over! Turn the Page!

Wow.  After many years, both of our sons have graduated.  One from college, the other from high school. So, mom is now free to, in a manner of speaking, “roam about the country.” 🙂

every end is a new beginning

Our older son has a full-time job, and our younger, special-abilities son will be starting a training program in a couple of months.  So this is the time to get back on the blogs, crank up the writing, and set goals for progress.

But I am so out of shape when it comes to writing! Here on my personal blog, I’m not sure of a direction to go.  Political? Spiritual? Heart-touching emotional?

Readers! I need your help! Got a question you want answered? Got a beef about something? I would love to hear your thoughts, and/or suggestions about what you would like to see covered on this blog.

I await your responses!



  1. There are essentially two ways to go with a blog:
    — Pick a topic/niche and stay there. If you are any good, and you do a good job with SEO, you can develop a following of people interested in that topic.
    — Write what you want, and don’t worry about the traffic or whether people reading one piece are offended/puzzled by another piece.

    I have done both. When I started, I wrote a single blog, and wrote about pretty much whatever I wanted. I had a few people read it, but mostly I was just writing to get it out there. It was fun, though, because it was a way to write.

    Then, I split my stuff into different blogs: one for faith and church, one for national politics, one for local politics, and one for everything else (sports and tech, primarily). That was a lot, actually too much, but it made it easier to do the marketing, because I didn’t have to worry that the people reading my devotional work would be offended by my raving liberal stuff.

    At this point, the political stuff is about to take on a life of its own, and the others are being really neglected. But, I still get traffic on the “serious” site, because I paid attention to SEO and because some of the pieces rank fairly high on Google search terms. (And, because I submitted them to Textweek, which drives some traffic.)

    I guess it boils down to your passions, and whether you want to build a following. I think you write well, and if you pick a niche or two, you could do them both or three through a single blog. I’D read it. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the comments, Bruce. You made my day by saying that I write well!

      At present count, I have four blogs. One has sat dormant for sooooo long, that I’m tempted to just get rid of it. It’s a devotional blog, and I refined it in a new direction years ago, but got sidetracked and it just stopped cold. But I think it still has a purpose, and I’m thinking of how I might refine that purpose again. This blog is my all-purpose blog, for just sharing my thoughts and rants and whatever. I have a writing blog, which will be about stories and novels and poems and such. And then there’s the blog that will go along with a coaching business that I’m interested in starting, if I can actually do that. It’s a neat idea, a different approach to coaching, but as to whether or not it will fly, well, that’s another matter.

      I have pondered starting a political blog, or doing some political stuff on this blog but, like you, I don’t want certain readers of this blog to get irritated at my political viewpoints. I have a feeling that my political viewpoints would end up irritating all sides because I take a very different approach to politics.

      I want to build a following, yes, I do! So there’s going to be a lot more activity on this blog, and hopefully I can get some conversations going that will be beneficial to some, and if not that, at least entertaining. 🙂

      But first I have to get used to WordPress’s new format. This was somewhat frustrating today! Everything seems so different!

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