Posted by: Michelle Knoll | June 29, 2016

The Sins of BiPartisanship

No, the rant cafe is not open today. However, this is burning within me. So read on, and please comment. A lot of you might disagree with me, and that’s okay.  Share your thoughts.

I read a quick blurb this morning about how the Democrats voted down a measure sponsored by the Republicans concerning the zika virus.

I read another blurb about the Republican report on Benghazi.

I read yet another blurb about the Democrat report on Benghazi.

I’ve read many memes today on Facebook concerning the idiocy the Democrats see in Republicans.  And just as many memes about how the Republicans see the stupidity of the Democrats.

It’s getting absurd.  It needs to stop.


We are ALL Americans.  Are we not? We are ALL citizens of this great country. Are we not? Why do we have to be divided?  Why do we have to be seen as members of groups?  Why can’t we all just be Americans, individual citizens with individual rights and lives?

Why can’t our senators and representatives work TOGETHER to get things accomplished?  Why does it have to be one side against another?  Why does it have to constantly be “this side thinks the other side is stupid,” 24×7, all day, every day, every way, and so on?  It’s a mind-boggling merry-go-round ride that needs to be STOPPED. NOW.

What really is the point of saying the other side is useless?  Did that help in Benghazi?  Is that helping with the threat of the zika virus? Does that help with the threat of terrorism? Or the issue of drugs flooding across our borders? Is it helping the Americans have better lives, have better jobs, deal with life?  No.  It’s not.  All this bipartisanship is doing is tearing this country apart, because it’s filled with hatred.

We need to have bipartisanship that works, two teams of differing views to balance each other out.  What we don’t need is two teams accusing one another of sabotaging our government process.  Because when you toss aside respect and have nothing but disdain for decency and order, bipartisanship no longer is a tool but instead is forged into a weapon.

And a nasty one at that.

Our 535 members of Congress need to wake up and smell their own stink. Yeah, the situation is as rotten as garbage left to sit in the sun for over 6 months. They need to realize that, until they lay down the swords of strife and division, we’re not going to have a working solution to anything. They need to stop being so proud of the fact that they “held off the ‘other side'” and realize they’re holding back us, we the people.

I want a nation that works together.  The attitude of working together must be demonstrated by the people we have elected. That’s the only way the rest of the country is going to see it. The only way this country will come to its senses is if our elected officials come to their senses.

Think they can do it?

I certainly hope so. Before it’s too late.



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