Posted by: Michelle Knoll | June 30, 2016

Managing? Or Being Manipulated?

It’s amazing to me just how much electronics dominates our lives. And the applications that run on said electronics.

Our phones, our TVs, our laptops, our everything. We can’t get away from electronics. Just last week, I was researching slow cookers/crock pots, and discovered that a lot of new crock pots have digital controls.

“But,” I thought, thinking to myself, “digital controls and heat don’t mix very well.”

Crock pot. Digital controls. Heat. Crock pot. Digital contro-…


Thankfully, I opted for one that had the old-fashioned knob on the front.  You know, “Low,” “High,” and “Off.” Oh, wait.  I think this new one also has a setting for “Keep Warm.” Yeah, I’m moving up in the kitchen appliance world.

But electronics is in EVERYTHING, and there are apps for almost everything.

The thing that gets me is the extra time it takes for us to do stuff, now that electronics are involved.

When I was a graduate student, I could grade a set of 30 math papers in about an hour, maybe an hour and a half.  Nowadays? I still grade them by hand, but I have to enter the results into a spreadsheet, not just a gradebook.  Extra time.

When I was a college student, I typed papers on a typewriter.  There was no “document” that had to be edited.  There was no spell check, no backspace to undo stuff, no rethinking what you were going to say.  Oh, yeah, there was a TON of up front work, that you did on note cards, so you had your thoughts together BEFORE you started typing out your paper.  Consequently, every paper was well thought out before the typing even began.  So the typing went rather quickly.  Oh, and you always checked the spelling of words before you started typing, because you really didn’t want to use correction fluid on a college paper.

When I was first married, there were no cell phones.  Phones stayed at home, where they really should be, because if you’re talking to your best friend, you really shouldn’t be driving at the same time. Talking is for when you have nothing else to do, to distract you from talking.

And a phone was just a phone.  It wasn’t a game center, weather advisor, camera, or computer.  It served one purpose: talking.

And there was no texting. Or distraction of any form, to keep us from interacting with those around us.

But we have that now. We have so much distraction from all the electronics installed in everything we own.  I mean, while I’m writing this, I’m getting distracted because of email alerts popping up on the screen!  AAAHHHH!

It’s ridiculous, and somehow we’ve got to make it stop. We’ve got to get back in charge of our lives, put down the electronics, and start living again.

How do you manage the electronics in your life? Do you actually manage them? Do you ever turn them off?

Or are you being manipulated by all the electronics around you?

Have you ever shut off Facebook?  For a day? For an hour? For five minutes?

What about your cell phone?

I’m not judging you, Friend! I, too, have a Facebook account, a cell phone, an xBox in my house, a laptop, and a car with a computer (let’s not even begin to talk about how much more expensive car repairs are these days, just because of the computers that run them).

But I don’t have a digitally controlled crock pot.  🙂

Managing?  Or being manipulated?  Which one is it? What do you think?




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