Posted by: Michelle Knoll | August 9, 2016

Shifting Gears, Turning Pages

Today is Day Two of being in a quiet house.  MP900255382

Both of our sons have graduated.  One from college, one from high school.  The one who graduated from high school is a special needs/special abilities kid, so I homeschooled him for the last 8 years. Now that he’s graduated, I am released from that opportunity, and now I can redirect my attention to other things.

Like writing.  🙂

I’m also looking for work, since the older son graduated from college and school loans are coming due in about two to three months. Those are never fun, but it is what it is.

So my blogs will be getting more attention, now that my teaching duties have ended and the house is quiet.

Change is funny.  We don’t like change, usually, but change brings opportunities that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.  So change is good, even when change is hard.

How do you handle change? I’m not talking about small changes, but those big changes that seem to make life bumpy for a while.

See, I’m not really sure how well I’m going to handle a quiet house.  I’m an outgoing person, and I actually enjoy having people around to talk to. So this being at home all the time will give me time to write, but the quiet can get, well, too quiet sometimes. So I’ll have to find ways to add some noise back in, background noise, while I write.

Writers: what’s your favorite background noise?

Okay, well, short post for today. Would love to hear your answers to the questions I posted!


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