Posted by: Michelle Knoll | August 25, 2016

Jo Marie, Where Are You?

I just recently finished reading Debbie Macomber’s last book in the Rose Harbor series, and it was fabulous!

For those of you who don’t know the name Debbie Macomber, she is the author of Mrs. Miracle that became a movie, as well as the books that inspired the TV series Cedar Cove. She writes romance novels and contemporary women’s fiction.

A listing of the books included in Debbie Macomber’s Rose Harbor Series, with links to a brief synopsis of each one, can be found here.

The Rose Harbor series is fun, and heartwarming. Each time I finished one of the novels, I found it very hard to wait for the next book in the series to arrive on bookstore shelves. After reading each book, Jo Marie would fill my thoughts for days. What was going to happen in the next novel? Would I like the way the story line progressed, or not?

Thankfully, the ending of the series was better than I expected, and the twists and turns of the last book made waiting very worthwhile.

Recently, Debbie Macomber wrote a blog post about the real Cedar Cove. Of course, that’s not the real name of the port community. Its real name is Port Orchard, Washington. And within that small town is the real Rose Harbor Inn, which in real life is called the Cedar Cove Inn. Curious about how well that inn matched the inn Debbie Macomber wrote about in her novels, I went searching and discovered something unexpected: the real Cedar Cove Inn is for sale! (Read about that here.)

I am not a wealthy person, but after reading the story about Cedar Cove Inn and watching a video showcasing the place, I wish I was! It is gorgeous, inside and out. It has seven bedrooms, each individually decorated. It has three stories, just like the Rose Harbor Inn of the novels, a beautiful dining room and sitting room, and porches all around. It looks out over Port Orchard, and the landscaping is picture perfect.

You can take a look at the inn and its beautiful surroundings here.

Since the inn is for sale, the real “Jo Marie Rose,” whoever she may be, needs to be found! Oh, Jo Marie, where are you?  Your warmth and your heart and your spirit need to come and fill this place with love, like only you can! I know your real name isn’t Jo Marie, but please buy this place, and continue the heritage the current owners have built here.

Come on, Jo Marie, the Cedar Cove Inn is waiting for you!



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