Posted by: Michelle Knoll | November 9, 2016

Moving Forward with Grace and Humility

Father God, may all citizens of this great United States of America move forward together today, and may winners win with grace and humility, and may losers lose with grace and humility. May we see each other as we see ourselves: citizens together, with a ton of very hard work to do each and every day, to bring healing and mercy where it is needed, to create understanding and a willingness to hear all thoughts expressed, to build bridges and hope for the future for ALL citizens of this great nation.1463626

May our hands be extended toward one another, not our noses turned up against one another, and may our hearts truly reflect Your Love for all.

May we have the boldness to stand against attitudes that would bring division and strife, may we have the courage to quiet all lying tongues that would drive a wedge of separation between us, and may we have the humility and patience to put our thoughts aside in order to hear the thoughts of those who disagree with us.

1463620May we be the peacemakers You have called us to be, not peacekeepers that don’t want to face issues, but peacemakers that will do the hard, unpleasant, sometimes stinky work that is needed to bring about unity. Unity is not all 1463151thinking the same thing. Unity is coming together with differing opinions, and choosing a course and a path to follow that speaks success into the future.

May we be fueled with passion, but may we use that passion to drive us to find solutions to our problems, and let us never use that passion again to point fingers at others and blame them for our problems. The problems belong to ALL of us, together. May we work together to solve them.


Help us, Father, to see as You see, to hear as You hear, to know as You know. Help us walk in the light of Your Truth, and turn away from divisive darkness. Grant us Your Wisdom that sees well beyond our years. Grant us Your Grace, Your Mercy, Your Kindness, Your 1463617Love, Your Patience, Your Joy, Your Longsuffering, to leave the past behind, and move forward from here. May both sides lay their swords down, swords they have used against each other, and may both sides pick up their building tools, not to prepare for building up to yet another battle in four years, but tools for building a nation. TOGETHER.

Let us, help us, cause us, to remain humble before You, because You have said Pride goes before Destruction. You resist the proud, You oppose the proud, and You detest pride and haughtiness, and You have promised to humble those who are prideful. May we never forget Your attitude toward the prideful. May we fear deeply the end to which pride leads us.

Please forgive our sins as a nation, for they are many. Please forgive each of us for our own sins, for they are many. Remind us of who we are, and may we never forget what You have called us to be. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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