Posted by: Michelle Knoll | July 15, 2017

Interesting Thoughts that Don’t Really Matter but Make Life… Interesting

  1. Computers, and technology in general, sold to the public as things that will “make life easier, more fun, more relaxing, and will give you more time to do what you really want to do,” actually make life more stressful, less fun, less relaxing, and take up most of our time.
  2. Most “technical assistance” people you talk to on the phone either A) don’t speak English; B) are using a computer that won’t update quickly, thereby taking up most of your time; C) don’t really know what they are talking about; or D) talk so fast that you can’t understand them, even if they are speaking English. And most of this doesn’t really help a person get a problem resolved, so it really doesn’t qualify as “assistance.”
  3. Social media is supposed to bring people together, but it has been proven that it does more to separate people, isolate people, and make people feel more lonely than they ever have.
  4. Cell phones have become our friends, instead of helping us connect to our friends. Disagree with me? Put your cell phone down and don’t carry it around for one whole day. I guarantee you’ll think more about your phone than you think about your friends.
  5. “Meme.” If you break up the word “meme” into its two parts, you have “me, me” which could also be written as “ME! ME!” which is exactly what a meme does. It puts the spotlight on you, the person who sent the meme. So there. You now have your five seconds of fame (the amount of time it usually takes to read a meme). Enjoy it.
  6. News media no longer delivers news to the public. But you already knew that, so this thing is old news. Probably the last thing ever to be stated that was actually news.
  7. You can now create your own radio station, on your cell phone, or your computer, so you can listen to the songs that you want to listen to, without having to listen to a bunch of ads or music that you really don’t want to hear. Mankind used to do this very same thing with a device known as a record player. And then an 8-track tape player. And then a cassette player. And then a CD player. And then an MP3 player.
  8. The “Paperless Society.” Such was the idea presented in the 1970’s, but now we’re finding that there are a lot of problems with reading and working on documents that aren’t on paper. So technology has been pushing for everything to be electronic (paid a bill online recently?), and yet, electronics is causing us to have more problems with documentation that we would like to admit. The biggest problem? Limitations on creativity, and adding personal touches to documents that are, well, personal.
  9. Signatures no longer have to be written. As a matter of fact, handwriting skills have dropped off considerably, due to the fact that letter writing is almost non-existent. Even more so with hand written letters. However, a signature is as personal as one’s facial features. So, in an effort to make things more computerized and “easier,” everything is becoming less and less personal. Well, it’s all… “just business,” right?
  10. IMHO, TOBAL against the use of TMA, initialisms, and abbreviations in EL. LOL! AFAIC, our ability to converse is MUBAR. Money? ATM. Entertainment? TV, CD, and DVD, if not MP3. Time? GMT, EST, CST, RMT, and PST. @TEOTD, if we can’t communicate, then what do we have? IMPO, all this alphabet soup is G4N. BWDIK.

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