About Nonny

Who am I?  Let’s see… what to tell you about myself.

I started writing… about… well, jeepers, I don’t really know when.  All I know is, I received a journal for Christmas one year, a long, long time ago, and my dad (who you’ll see me refer to as “the Journalist” because that’s what he was when he walked this earth) challenged me to “fill it up.”  Meaning, he wanted me to write and to write and to write…

I didn’t get it filled before he passed away, to my shame.  However, I did develop the sort of love for writing that I know he would be proud of.  So I write today.  And I will write tomorrow.  Because throughout my adult life, I have discovered that I can’t not write.  Isn’t that weird??  I must write.  It’s a part of me! (and to think that I hated grammar all through school…)

So that’s about me.  How about you?  Could it be you’re a writer, too?

Oh gosh, there I go into “poetry mode” again!  AAAAHHHHH!!!

(stop it, Nonny.  Stop it, stop it, stop it!)

Okay.  I’m better now.  *wink*

Yes, I’m Nonny Mouse, a little one who wanders through the media world, quietly watching all the different masters of their particular crafts.  I am learning as much as I can, so that maybe I can one day be a master of a craft, too (and by “master of a craft” I don’t mean captain of a boat… though that would be fun, too).

Want to get in touch with me?  You can comment on this site; that would probably be best.  OR, you can email me at non_e_mouse AT yahoo DOT com (and you know what to do with the AT and the DOT, right?).  Oh, and if you don’t put something in the subject line?  I probably won’t even read your email, in order to avoid being spammed to death!  (I hate spam.  Enjoy Monty Python from time to time, but hate spam)


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